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Antique & Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing Stores has a passion for all things antique and vintage, below are the reasons we love antiques and vintage clothing, apparel and accessories.

  • Classics never go out of style
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Vintage clothing is an investment
  • Antique & vintage clothing is unique
  • One of a kind
  • Vintage pieces have history and can be a source of inspiration
  • Vintage is the new look
  • Celebrities wear it is an Antique & Vintage Clothing Store.

 Vintage Clothin  buy's, sell's and consigns antique, vintage, clothing, apparel and accessories  including dresses, lingerie, suits, separates, coats, hats, scarfs, shoes and purses from the early 1900's through 1990's.

Whether you are looking for that one of a kind item to wear or something special to add to your collection you will find unique, designer one of a kind outfits and accessories.

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